Tailoring Activities and Amenities for Men in Senior Living Can Yield Positive Results

Tailoring Activities and Amenities for Men in Senior Living Can Yield Positive Results

Visit most senior living communities, and you will see plenty of women. Some industry estimates suggest the gender ratio in senior living is 70% female to 30% male. Experts document several reasons for the disparity, including women tend to live longer, men often foster self-sufficiency and tend to live alone longer, and, sometimes, they just aren’t comfortable that 90% of the staff in senior living is female. 

But some senior living communities, such as Jackson Creek Senior Living in Monument, Colorado, are making a concerted effort to make men comfortable choosing senior living, and it’s paying off. To foster a welcoming environment for men at Jackson Creek, the community incorporated many amenities and activities geared to making men more comfortable, and the community has tapped into the extensive local veteran population to let them know they are respected and welcome at the veteran-proud community.

Amenities Catered to Male Interests

When developing Jackson Creek, owners focused on creating a facility and environment that catered to all genders. Several of the amenities incorporated at Jackson Creek specifically geared to appeal to men in senior living include:

  • Raised gardening beds: Tending to plants provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • Outdoor putting green: Golf enthusiasts can practice their putting skills and enjoy a recreational activity they love within the community.
  • Exercise and therapy spaces: With a wide range of equipment, male residents can maintain physical health or recover from any ailment or injury.
  • Theater: Watching sports events or classic movies on the big screen provides entertainment and a sense of community during screenings.
  • Library: Men who enjoy reading or engaging in intellectual pursuits find solace and enrichment in a well-stocked library.
  • Game room: Activities like cards or other games offer a social outlet while fostering friendly competition.
  • Basic cable with 140 channels/Wi-Fi: Access to entertainment through TV and Wi-Fi for those who enjoy staying updated on current events or indulging in their favorite shows.

Activities That Create Connections for Men in Senior Living

  • Veterans Appreciation Activities: Jackson Creek is just miles from Colorado Springs and home to several military installations, including Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and the prestigious United States Air Force Academy. Hosting events for veterans has made many of the community’s veterans feel at home.
  • Car Shows & Automobile Exhibitions: Yearly, the community hosts events that showcase classic cars for resident auto enthusiasts.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Talks: Discussions to connect veterans create understanding and support.
  • Adventurous Initiatives like Dream Flights: Thrilling airborne adventures for those seeking unique experiences.
  • Sports Discussions and Competitions: From cornhole to bingo nights and even Wii tournaments, Jackson Creek offers an array of competitive games.
  • Ice Cream Socials: Regular events, especially when welcoming new residents, help create fast friendships.

Create Lasting Connections

These amenities and activities geared to men in senior living serve as catalysts for forging new friendships among our male residents. It’s about going beyond just passing time—we want to create avenues for genuine connections, shared enjoyment, and mutual support. 

For families seeking communities that prioritize their male family members’ interests, communities offering a range of activities and groups tailored for men can be invaluable. By embracing a multifaceted approach to engagement and fun, communities ensure that every male resident feels celebrated and valued for their unique interests.

Life Enrichment at Jackson Creek

At Jackson Creek Senior Living, our goal is to enhance the lives of individuals aged 62-plus with exceptional residences, programs, services, and amenities in one of Colorado’s most picturesque settings. Dedicated to helping seniors live well and age well, we create a warm, inviting atmosphere where residents live on their terms with peace of mind knowing additional assistance and care are available.

If you have questions or are looking for the perfect community for your father or loved one, contact the team at Jackson Creek Senior Living at 719-259-1331. We’re here to support you in times of transition.

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