Bringing enrichment into the digital age

Jackson Creek is outfitted with It’s Never 2 Late technology to help each resident find the most meaningful way to engage with our enrichment programs and community activities.

Operating on a touch-screen device, the technology includes different social tools and games that help users stay engaged and connected. iN2L is personalized and easy-to-navigate, so those who are less experienced with computers and technology, along with individuals who have different cognitive or physical needs, can enjoy the benefits of the software.

The goal of iN2L is to expand wellness offerings with more options that engage the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional components of personal happiness. With the support of staff members, residents can enjoy learning new skills, playing different games, listening to their favorite music and connecting with those they love.

Modern living, simplified

Jackson Creek is equipped with technologies throughout our community that keep residents connected, engaged and secure. Our innovative, easy-to-use safety features create a modern lifestyle in a comfortable setting.

How software keeps residents safe

Our community is outfitted with access-controlled video entry to ensure resident safety. To accommodate urgent needs, our entire campus — indoor and out — is equipped with a wireless emergency call system that allows residents to immediately alert staff about critical situations.

Technology to connect communities and families

We use cloud-based LifeLoop technology throughout our residences to keep individuals connected to their community as well as their loved ones. TV monitors are located throughout the community to ensure an accurate flow of communication between residents, family and staff.

Upgrades for more accessible common areas

Common areas, including the theater/chapel room, community room and select dining spaces, are outfitted with wireless audio systems called Hearing Loops, which connect to the telecoils (T-coils) in most hearing aids and cochlear implants and act as a customized sound system for people with hearing loss.

Unlike a loudspeaker, Hearing Loops broadcast directly to the hearing device without reverberation or background noise. Hearing loops connect directly to sound sources like TVs or auditorium speakers and make it easier for hearing-impaired residents to participate in every community event.

This convenient technology does not require a headset, although it can be broadcasted to a headset for those who prefer it or for those who do not have T-coils in their hearing aids.

See our state-of-the-art technology in action.
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LifeLoop Technology at Jackson Creek - Keeping Seniors Safe & Connected
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