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“Don’t stop me now!”

Jackson Creek team members and residents performed in a Queen-inspired music video to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

Connecting During the Pandemic: Jackson Creek Introduces JCTV to Engage Residents

Jackson Creek's in-house broadcast television channel, JCTV, keeps the community's senior residents connected during the pandemic.

Hope Carwile of WellAge to Lead Self-Care Education Session at Caregiver Wellness Retreat

Hope Carwile is one of 15 experts appearing at the upcoming Virtual Caregiver Retreat for Alzheimer's and Other Dementias.

How to Stay Busy While Remaining Socially Distant

Jackson Creek staff have compiled a list of virtual and IRL (in real life) ways seniors can keep themselves healthy, creative, stimulated and in shape, all while taking safety seriously.

Embracing Technology Leads to Big Benefits for Seniors

Technology has the potential to help seniors stay connected with friends and family, provide a venue for learning new skills and ideas, offer tools to stay healthy, and help combat social isolation.

Why Caregivers Need Regular Breaks, and How Senior Living Communities Can Help

For caregivers of older adults, senior living communities can offer a much needed break, which is vital to avoid becoming overly exhausted and stressed.

How Jackson Creek Residents are Benefitting from Telehealth

Since we implemented telehealth methods, resident medical appointments have seamlessly continued throughout the COVID-19 shutdown.

Examining the Connection Between Depression and Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Depression is common amongst people with dementia or Alzheimer's, especially during the early and middle stages of the disease.

Gardening Provides a Healthy Pastime for Senior Green Thumbs

Gardening has been proven to offer a range of psychological, physical and cognitive benefits, which is especially good news for seniors.


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